Was Man City excluded from the League Cup because of the Covid 19 ?

Man City is in the danger of the Covid 19 where a lot of positive players had to remain in isolation, forcing the match to be postponed on the morning of December 29, and likely postponing the Chelsea and Manchester United games (M.U).

The match is expected to be delayed, and most notably, the Man City match against MU in Old Trafford in the semifinals of the League Cup

Both of these matches are actually facing a very strong likelihood of being delayed, after the key Man City squad is in danger of splitting the game with more stars that may be positive as the Premier League organisers press on to test the remaining number of teams.

Before that, Man City, after a 2-0 win over Newcastle, getting ready to play with Everton at Goodison Park, received news with around five more Covid-19 players after two previous players, Gabriel Jesus and Kyle Walker, got infected.

The source of infection for Man City players was reported from a hotel in London when they arrived at their home against Arsenal (won 4-1) in the League Cup quarter-finals at Emirates Stadium. 

These players, having been positive, are in quarantine for 10 days, but if there are more players sticking to Covid-19, Man City will not be able to play in the next 10 days. 

Not playing in the Premier League, the match will be postponed to another day, regardless of the calendar, but coach Pep Guardiola or Chelsea boss Lampard will have to consider it.

Although in the League Cup, the failure of Man City to play may cause them to be disqualified, as in the case of the Leyton Orient club being excluded in round 3 for the same reason (both Covid-19 team) and give way to Tottenham. 

However, luckily for Man City, since the previous round of the League Cup organisers, there has been a reform in the rule that, from the semi-finals, if there is a disease-related postponement, there will be a “reasonable effort” for Rearrange matches as soon as possible.

However, as the final of this season’s League Cup has already postponed the match date to April 25, Man City also expects to negotiate a rescheduling of the semi-final match with M.U. in case of a delay.

Odds of the match Stoke City between Tottenham, 00h30-24/12/2020

With the gap in status, Tottenham is supposed to have an easy match against Stoke City this year in the quarter-finals of the League Cup. 

Match of details between Stoke City and Tottenham 

The quarter-finals of the 2020/21 British League Cup. 

Time: 00:30 a.m. on 24/12/2020 

Location: Britannia Stadium-Stoke City home turf. 

Stoke already plays in the First Division, but at the moment he’s not doing well. The squad is also not appreciated in the quarter-finals of the English League Cup. 

Comments on Stoke City vs Tottenham 

The handicap given by the house: Tottenham accepts 1 left-handed. 

The house’s chances of fainting are three. 

Predict for the first half: Stoke City 0-2 Tottenham 

Predict the whole game: Stoke City 1-3 Tottenham 

Predict faint: 4 left-over 

Tottenham just had two disappointing Premier League matches this year, leading the team to slip out of the top 1 tournament. However, as far as the consistency of the team is concerned, Tottenham is still much more respected than Stoke City in the quarter-final game of the League Cup. Players at the soccer betting forum trust more in the likelihood that tourists will win the next time they encounter Stoke City.

Statistics on the results of the matches 

Stoke City won 2 victories, 2 draws and 1 defeat in the last 5 matches. The squad scored 3 goals; two goals scored. 

Tottenham has scored 2 victories, 1 draw and 2 loses in the last 5 matches. The squad scored 6 goals; they scored 5 goals. 

Tottenham has dominated the last five games between the two clubs

Comments on the performance of Stoke City 

Stoke City plays in the First Division, despite having competed in the Premier League for many years. In this year’s League Cup, the team secured a decisive victory over Gillingham and beat Aston Villa in the 8th round to help win the quarter-finals. This makes the instructor and coach Michael O’Neill more optimistic in the coming match against Tottenham.

Comment on Tottenham’s performance 

After two straight defeats to Liverpool and Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur finished first and finished sixth in the standings. The squad has a lot of drawbacks in the title race; they’ve had a regular experience with good teams lately.

Chelsea is going to be surpassed by MU in the Premier League

A bitter 1-2 loss to Wolverhamton in the final minutes of injury time left Chelsea for the second time in a row in just four days and lost the opportunity to keep up with Tottenham’s top side. 

Coach Frank Lampard pointed out the underlying factor that contributed to the demise of The Blues”

After a 0-1 defeat last weekend, Chelsea managed to disappoint the lead, but let Wolverhampton come upstream and take a 1-2 loss to Molineux. 

With the second consecutive Premier League season, “The Blues” lost a great chance to catch up briefly with Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool (25 points) before the two leading teams met at Anfield on the morning of 17 December.

Speaking in the Daily Mail after seeing Chelsea losing Wolves in Molineux, coach Frank Lampard (Chelsea) said: 

“ Since they have several fast attacks, the Wolves’ challenge undoubtedly arises from counter attacks. That’s what my players knew before the match. If you allow a team to play its strengths, you could lose the game.”

Chelsea is reportedly placed 5th in the Premier League standings after round 13 with 22 points. London’s blue shirt team will totally lose this place to West Ham, Paddy or MU (with the same 20 points) if one of the three teams wins this round. 

Everton is going to be a guest in Leicester City at 1:00 a.m. Tomorrow, the 17th of December. After two hours, West Ham is going to meet Crystal Palace. MU will march to the ground of Sheffield United’s bottom team to play at 3:00 a.m. on December 18 in the final match of round 13 of the Premier League. In the next round, Chelsea will head to Stamford Bridge’s home ground to welcome West Ham to the English capital’s derby at 3:00 a.m. to 10:12 p.m.

Odds match Everton vs Chelsea, 03h00 – 13/12/2020

After the prediction about Arsenal vs Wolverhampton, we will continue with the next match that is going to take place tomorrow.

But not at the top of the Premier League, Everton is still considered a nasty competitor for the tournament teams. 

As a result, the squad will have the chance to invite Chelsea to the next round of 12 games

Match of details between Everton and Chelsea 

Round 12 of the Premier League 2020/21. 

Time: 3:00 a.m. on December 13, 2020. 

Location: Goodison Park.

It has 17 points and is ranked 9th in the rankings. 

Chelsea was seventh with 22 points. 

Chelsea is in the shape of a sublimation from home playground to Europe; in the meantime, Everton has proven to be very poor in recent matches. The team wants points to be at the summit, the team needs points to boost their rankings; this promises to create a boom game here.

Comments on Everton vs Chelsea 

The handicap of the house: Chelsea accepts 0.75 left. 

The house’s chances of fainting are three. 

Prediction for the first half of the year: Everton 1-1 Chelsea 

Prediction for the entire match: 1-2 Chelsea 

Predict the faintness of money: 3 left 

Capital is not as appreciative as the rival, but looking at the head-to-head results between the two teams in recent matches reveals that Chelsea has always had trouble reaching Everton. However, given the present quality of the visitors’ roster, it is possible that the home side will have to score a lot of goals.

Statistics on the outcomes of the matches 

Everton has a very bad record in the last 5 matches with 1 victory, 1 draw and 3 defeats. The number of goals scored by the player is 6 with 9 goals scored. 

Chelsea has three victories and two draws in the last five appearances. The squad scored 10, conceding three goals. 

The match-up record between the two teams in the last five appearances was a 2-game, 2-game draw and a 1-game defeat to Chelsea.

Neymar scored twice and PSG beat Man United

In the morning of 3-12, Neymar shone with a double goal to help PSG defeat Man United 3-1 in Old Trafford in the fifth game of the Group H Champions League 2020-2021.

This match, Host Man United just needs to draw to win the ticket, while PSG is forced to win to decide its own destiny. The defending runner-up couldn’t get any better off with a goal in the 6th minute.

Outside the box, star Kylian Mbappe fired a very powerful long shot that turned the ball on the defender of Man United, inadvertently turning into a Neymar clearing pass. In the face of goaltender David De Gea, Neymar cleverly finished the cross corner, opening the game.

At the minute 69, after the teammates failed a long shot, the ball hit Abdou Diallo (PSG). The Defender gives a pass to Captain Marquinhos, whom the Unified Man Defense has forgotten. Marquinhos’ possession was a little long, but the Brazilian middleman touched the ball and overcame De Gea’s charge, scoring 2-1 for PSG. 

Only one minute after conceding the second goal, Man United was still at a deficit when Fred was disqualified. He got his second yellow card after a poor battle with former teammate Ander Herrera. Earlier, in the 38th minute following a collision with Leandro Paredes, Fred got a yellow card.

Loss of troops, but Man United risked a high rise to find a target

And in that contest, the home team conceded the third goal. From a rather fast counterattack, Mbappe congratulated Rafinha for his escape. Rafinha had a precise cross to end Neymar, fixing a 3-1 win for PSG. 

Despite losing the match, Man United continued to lead Group H, led by PSG and Leipzig, seventh. Man United, PSG and Leipzig both have 9 points, but Man United is at the top due to a better head-to-head record.

In the last match, PSG just had to prevail over Istanbul Basaksehir to make sure it was going forward, regardless of the outcome of the Leipzig match against Man United. Meanwhile, Man United must have at least 1 point on German soil to reach round 16.

Odds of the match Arsenal vs Wolverhampton, 02h15 – 30/11/2020

While in the Europa League sandbox, Arsenal still has a rather strong record, but in the Premier League, the team has repeatedly posted poor results, leaving the fans frustrated. The next welcome Wolverhampton will be a chance for the Gunners to score 3 points to boost their rankings. Arsenal vs. Wolverhampton is 2:15 a.m. November 30, 2020.
Match of details between Arsenal and Wolverhampton
Premier League 10th round of the 2020/21.
Time: 02h15 on 30/11/2020 Time of Vietnam.
Location: Emirate Stadium-Arsenal home ground
Arsenal has 13 points and is ranked 12th in the rankings.
Wolverhampton has 14 points and is ranked 9th.
Arsenal has been in bad condition in the Premier League this year, only in the last five games in the Premier League; the team has lost three matches, drawn one and won only one.

Wolves 2 Crystal Palace 0 - Report and pictures | Express & Star
Therefore, Wolves also have the chance to carry back points on their next guest outing

Analysis of Arsenal vs. Wolverhampton
The handicap of the house: Arsenal accepts 0.5 left.
The house’s risk of fainting is 2.75 left.
Forecast the result of the first half: Arsenal 1-0 Wolverhampton
Forecast for the entire match: Arsenal 2-1 Wolverhampton
Predict Play 3 left-Select Over
The house also appreciates Arsenal’s potential to take the next match against Wolverhampton. Although the home side isn’t in an outstanding shape, the visitors haven’t seen many marks lately.
Statistic on outcomes of recent matches
The Gunners have three victories, one draw and one defeat in their last five appearances. The equivalent number of objectives shall be 8; the two objectives shall be given.
Wolverhampton has won 2 victories, 2 draws and 1 defeat in the last five appearances. The number of goals scored is 5; three goals scored.
In the last 5 matches, Arsenal won 2 matches, drew 2 and lost 1 match to Wolves.

Barca declined to recruit Mbappe because of Dembele

In 2017, Barca had the opportunity to own Kylian Mbappe, but the squad gave up to hire Ousmane Dembele from Dortmund. 

Barca was able to hire Kylian Mbappe while he was still with AS Monaco in 2017. Bordas, a former member of Barca’s hierarchy, stated that Blaugrana would certainly have the French striker’s signature if he had paid 90 million. 

The team in Catalonia did not select Mbappe. Instead, they paid 124 million pounds to recruit Ousmane Dembele from Dortmund.

Mbappe preferred Barca because Neymar had just left,” Mr. Bordas quoted Mundo Deportivo.

Bordas also said that Monaco actively approached them because the principality team did not want to sell the pillars to PSG. The reason Barca selected Dembele was that they rated him as a player capable of coordinating with his teammates, while Mbappe was a striker used to work independently. 

After being rejected by Barca, Mbappe moved to PSG for a loan. In the summer of 2018, it was activated by the Paris football team with a purchasing clause of £108 million. 

Mbappe started to play impressively in the PSG jersey. He won the Ligue 1 title, and after 20 years of waiting, he became the mainstay to bring France to the World Cup. Mbappe is evaluated by many data sites, such as Transfermarkt, CIES, as the most valuable player in the world.

While Mbappe has risen to become a class celebrity and be loved by many people, Dembele’s career has not changed much

Dembele has a starting point not less than that of Mbappe. Yet the career of the player has been constantly hampered by injury. This season, former Dortmund stars are lucky enough to keep their feet safe, and coach Ronald Koeman offers them a chance to play very often. He has three goals, one assists in all competitions.

Betting on soccer match: Portugal and France, 02h45-15/11/2020

The two top teams of the League of Nations will clash in the next leg

Both Portugal and France have similar successes, but it appears to be the ultimate game with multiple enticing ball phases for fans.

Match of information between Portugal and France 

Team C Group A League of Nations 2020/21. 

Time: 02h45 on 15/11/2020 Time of Vietnam. 

Location: Luz ,Portugal’s stadium

It’s going to be a super classic match between the two big football networks in the world today, Portugal and France. They both scored 10 points in Group C and tied 0-0 in the first leg. Strong success with a squad of quality players this time the return match is expected to begin to end with a draw.

Comments on Portugal vs France 

The level of the house handicap is as follows: Portugal accepts 0.25 left 

The house’s probability of fainting is 2.25 left. 

Predict the first half of the match: Portugal 0-0 France 

Forecast the entire match: Portugal 1-1 France 

Predict the match level 2 left-Select under 

It is obvious from the point of view of strength that the two do not have too much gap. The close gameplay from attack to defense shows that it’s not going to be easy to score goals against the opponent’s net. As a result, with the house under the house being offered at 2.25 remaining, the match, the Under will be a possible bet for the players.

Statistic on outcomes of recent matches 

Portugal has a record of three victories and two losses in recent matches. The resulting goal scored by the player is 12, not conceding a goal. 

France is no less successful with three victories, one draw and one defeat in recent appearances. The equivalent number of goals scored is 13, with 6 goals scored. 

In the last five games between the two nations, the French side won three victories and two draws against Portugal.

Nadal and the big opportunity to win the Masters of Paris

The inability of Novak Djokovic to play in the tournament, with favorable branch performances, opened up chances for Rafael Nadal to capture the first crown at the Paris Masters.

The odds for Nadal at the Paris Masters 2020 could be wider, since two other Grand Slam champions of the year, Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem, are not present. The fitness of “Rafa” this year is also perceived to be higher than any other year after a long break from the pandemic. The fact that Nadal won Roland Garros without missing a set confirms that. In addition , it is difficult to ignore the emotional enthusiasm that Nadal had after leveling the 20 Grand Slam record of rival Roger Federer.

Nadal is in the perfect spot to win the Paris Masters Cup for the first time

In preparation for the Paris Masters, Nadal spent a few days at the Balearic Golf Championship in his home town of Mallorca, ranking sixth. This is a tournament at which professional golfers are present.

Nadal is not only emotionally and physically strong at the Paris Masters. It also obtained positive branching outcomes. As number one seed, Nadal began playing in the second round against fellow countryman Feliciano Lopez, 39 years old this year. This is the opponent that Nadal dominated nine of the 13 matches. Lopez hasn’t been in decent condition this year, winning six games and losing nine games, slipping to ATP 64.

If he overtakes Lopez, Nadal didn’t have to battle challenging opponents at least in the semi-finals. The owners of 35 Masters titles will be able to face Borna Coric in the third round, 8th seed David Goffin or 9th seed Pablo Carreno-Busta in the quarter-finals. Difficulty comes only from the semi-finals where Nadal will play either Alexander Zverev, Andrey Rublev or Stan Wawrinka.

Messi stood out on the day Ronaldo was gone, and Barca comfortably won Juventus

In the second match of the Group E UEFA Champions League 2020/21, despite being played at home, Juventus proved to be totally behind Barca. Without Ronaldo, Messi was naturally the lead character of the summit. Even as Dembele helped open the game, the M10 scored directly at the end of the match.

Despite having dominated Italian football for almost a decade (9 straight Scudetto), Juventus was unable to carry home the third C1 / Champion League title in history. At this point, the greatest accomplishment of “Old Lady” is only the last two times (losing … Barca in 2015 and losing to Real Madrid in 2017). 

From Massimiliano Allegri to Maurizio Sarri, no one can help the squad to quench their hunger for titles in the most prestigious club-level arena on the continent. And now the team leaders have agreed to bet on coach Andrea Pirlo.

At the Barca summit tonight, Cristiano Ronaldo will already be in the crowd because he wasn’t out of Covid-19, but in Pirlo ‘s possession is Alvaro Morata, who won Barca in the 2014/15 Champions League final (unfortunately, Juventus lost 1-3 in the end) or Paulo Dybala, the striker who scored twice against the Catalunya giants in the 2016/17 Champions League quarter-finals. 0 after two matches)

Also, don’t forget that Juve had reached the Champions League Final twice before CR7 arrived. Since Ronaldo joined Juventus in 2018, it seems that “Old Lady” has more or less a disease depending on the Portuguese star, not a strong party, not relying on any person, like when Allegri was in the lead.

Anyway, Barca already has a total win, and Juventus has struggled to “live without Ronaldo” again

One day CR7 could not play, Juventus was absolutely deadlocked before Barca in the reconstruction process , despite using “tricks”.