Chelsea is going to be surpassed by MU in the Premier League

A bitter 1-2 loss to Wolverhamton in the final minutes of injury time left Chelsea for the second time in a row in just four days and lost the opportunity to keep up with Tottenham’s top side. 

Coach Frank Lampard pointed out the underlying factor that contributed to the demise of The Blues”

After a 0-1 defeat last weekend, Chelsea managed to disappoint the lead, but let Wolverhampton come upstream and take a 1-2 loss to Molineux. 

With the second consecutive Premier League season, “The Blues” lost a great chance to catch up briefly with Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool (25 points) before the two leading teams met at Anfield on the morning of 17 December.

Speaking in the Daily Mail after seeing Chelsea losing Wolves in Molineux, coach Frank Lampard (Chelsea) said: 

“ Since they have several fast attacks, the Wolves’ challenge undoubtedly arises from counter attacks. That’s what my players knew before the match. If you allow a team to play its strengths, you could lose the game.”

Chelsea is reportedly placed 5th in the Premier League standings after round 13 with 22 points. London’s blue shirt team will totally lose this place to West Ham, Paddy or MU (with the same 20 points) if one of the three teams wins this round. 

Everton is going to be a guest in Leicester City at 1:00 a.m. Tomorrow, the 17th of December. After two hours, West Ham is going to meet Crystal Palace. MU will march to the ground of Sheffield United’s bottom team to play at 3:00 a.m. on December 18 in the final match of round 13 of the Premier League. In the next round, Chelsea will head to Stamford Bridge’s home ground to welcome West Ham to the English capital’s derby at 3:00 a.m. to 10:12 p.m.

Odds match Everton vs Chelsea, 03h00 – 13/12/2020

After the prediction about Arsenal vs Wolverhampton, we will continue with the next match that is going to take place tomorrow.

But not at the top of the Premier League, Everton is still considered a nasty competitor for the tournament teams. 

As a result, the squad will have the chance to invite Chelsea to the next round of 12 games

Match of details between Everton and Chelsea 

Round 12 of the Premier League 2020/21. 

Time: 3:00 a.m. on December 13, 2020. 

Location: Goodison Park.

It has 17 points and is ranked 9th in the rankings. 

Chelsea was seventh with 22 points. 

Chelsea is in the shape of a sublimation from home playground to Europe; in the meantime, Everton has proven to be very poor in recent matches. The team wants points to be at the summit, the team needs points to boost their rankings; this promises to create a boom game here.

Comments on Everton vs Chelsea 

The handicap of the house: Chelsea accepts 0.75 left. 

The house’s chances of fainting are three. 

Prediction for the first half of the year: Everton 1-1 Chelsea 

Prediction for the entire match: 1-2 Chelsea 

Predict the faintness of money: 3 left 

Capital is not as appreciative as the rival, but looking at the head-to-head results between the two teams in recent matches reveals that Chelsea has always had trouble reaching Everton. However, given the present quality of the visitors’ roster, it is possible that the home side will have to score a lot of goals.

Statistics on the outcomes of the matches 

Everton has a very bad record in the last 5 matches with 1 victory, 1 draw and 3 defeats. The number of goals scored by the player is 6 with 9 goals scored. 

Chelsea has three victories and two draws in the last five appearances. The squad scored 10, conceding three goals. 

The match-up record between the two teams in the last five appearances was a 2-game, 2-game draw and a 1-game defeat to Chelsea.

Betting on soccer match: Chelsea vs Liverpool, 22h30 – 20/09/2020

The first match of the Premier League season this year is the match between the two old brands Chelsea and Liverpool. Both have decent outcomes in the game round, but it appears to be the perfect game with a lot of explosions.

Battle of details between Chelsea and Liverpool 

The Premier League of 2020/21. 

Day: 10.30 p.m. on September 20, 2020 Vietnam day. 

Location: Stamford Bridge-Homeland of Chelsea. 

Chelsea is displaying its hope for the Premier League championship this year by adding a host of premium signatures to the club. This match in the second round will be a test to the Blue for defending champions.

Battle of details between Chelsea and Liverpool 

The Premier League of 2020/21. 

Day: 10.30 p.m. on September 20, 2020 Vietnam day. 

Location: Stamford Bridge-Homeland of Chelsea. 

Chelsea is displaying its hope for the Premier League championship this year by adding a host of premium signatures to the club. 

This match in the second round will be a test to the Blue for defending champions

Today’s Chelsea vs Liverpool Statement 

The handicap given by the house: Liverpool is 0.25 remaining. 

The dealer faints out there are three left. 

Forecast for the first half: Chelsea 0-1 Liverpool 

Forecast the entire match: Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool 

Predict Overall Objectives: 2 Goals-Select Under 

Liverpool’s compelling success last season had intimidated teams of their skills. It seems, though, that the opponents are increasingly understanding the gameplay of The Kop; this is going to be a challenge that coach Jürgen Klopp can solve; particularly as Chelsea and other great men are preparing well this season.

Statistics on the outcomes of the matches 

Chelsea won 2 victories in the last 5 matches in all competitions; 1 draw and 2 defeats. As a result , the team netted 8 goals; 8 goals conceded. 

Even in the last five matches in all competitions; Liverpool has three wins and two draws. The number of goals scored is 17; 8 goals scored. 

In the last 5 games between the two teams; Liverpool earned 3; draw 1 and lost 1 match to Chelsea.

Launch of the Premier League 2020-2021

Never after 1.5 months of the last season has a new season been opened. No summer training trips, teams will practically race and line up and the Premier League 2020-2021 will be the most competitive and demanding season due to the packed scheduling (no winter break). When each year is supposed to be round 4, the end must be early (planned on 23-5) to make room for the Euro Final.

However, it’s going to be a very thrilling season. Never before was the title chase so open. Liverpool and Man City are both the top three, but will no longer be a two-horse race. Convinced of the success of the new 4-season team, billionaire Abramovich agreed to revive Chelsea. The Blues had the most thrilling trade season as they spent up to 210 million pounds taking in 7 rookies: Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner, Ben Chilwell, Malang Sarr, Thiago Silva, Mbuyamba, Kai Havertz and soon goaltender Mendy. (The one from Rennes). In which the German Leverkusen mediator Kai Havertz for a sum of £ 90 million is the most lucrative deal in the history of the club and the Premier League (Paul Pogba’s previous record was £89 million). 

Coach Paddy did not hesitate to announce Chelsea’s target to be a championship

At the end of last season, with Fernandes, M.U of Solskjaer became the third proud man. This season, after the middleman Van de Beek from Ajax, is likely to come “blockbuster” Sancho, a winger from Dortmund and Brazilian defender Telles from Porto. 

Under Coach Arteta ‘s leadership, Arsenal is no longer frail but strong, stubborn, particularly in major games, such as beating Chelsea and Man City to take the throne in the FA Cup, and beating the champion twice in a row. Liverpool in the Premier League and the British Super Cup. This season, the Gunners have added Willian from Chelsea and Magalhaes from Lille. It’s also difficult to disregard Tottenham in the first season that coach Paddy began to plan from the outset. 

However, the “Big Six” above was also split last season by Leicester, Wolves and also Sheffield. Also this season, the rookie Leeds United was headed by “mad man” (El Loco) Bielsa, promising to be a “disruptor.”

Chelsea: A positive threat to the throne

Chelsea is most impressed on the transfer market in the summer of 2020 with complete confidence in the Premier League title.

Chelsea and a very noisy summer

The transfer market for the summer of 2020 is Chelsea’s own game, with impressive contracts.

Chelsea invested 200 million pounds on six new workers in the staffing change that Frank Virrankoski created. 

Topped by Kai Havertz, the deal is worth 72 million pounds. It’s also a record number in the history of the club, on par with Kepa. 

Kai Havertz has been sought by a number of major European football clubs, and Chelsea is the winner in the end. 

The Blues attacker has two famous faces: Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech. 

In support, Seveso invited two free-trade centres, Malang Sarr and Thiago Silva, alongside the “blockbuster” Ben Chilwell.

Kai Havertz is expected to bring a range of options to Chelsea

The FIFA sanction last year rendered Chelsea unable to shop. Today, the Blues have wasted no resources to make a new squad in order to make it magnificent.

A positive threat to the throne

Chelsea was empty-handed in the 2019-20 season and was eliminated from the 8th round of the Champions League. 

However, there is a strong focus on strategy, in particular squad strength and moral facets. 

It is these imprints that tend to be believed, and the Chelsea Board of Directors has agreed to invest extensively on transition operations to the level of Premier League. 

In Timo Werner, he has an effective tool to achieve targets. He relied entirely on young Tammy Abraham last season.

Timo Werner is a new pioneering style with a wide variety of applications. The German player will absolutely pass the 20-goal threshold for each season. 

In the meantime, Kai Havertz is helping diversify Chelsea’s play style. Former centerman Leverkusen flexibly kicked several places, including the “9 virtual” spot. 

In a way, Kai Haverz hopes to be the new Eden Hazard at Stamford Bridge, both coordinating the game and specifically scoring. 

Ziyech replaces Willian, the approach with speed and logical analysis. Ben Chilwell contributes an excess of energy to the left wing, leaving a wide gap for 3 or 4 defenders.

After making a lot of noise on the pitch, Chelsea-with a decent depth of field-is secure enough to win the Premier League title.