Was Man City excluded from the League Cup because of the Covid 19 ?

Man City is in the danger of the Covid 19 where a lot of positive players had to remain in isolation, forcing the match to be postponed on the morning of December 29, and likely postponing the Chelsea and Manchester United games (M.U).

The match is expected to be delayed, and most notably, the Man City match against MU in Old Trafford in the semifinals of the League Cup

Both of these matches are actually facing a very strong likelihood of being delayed, after the key Man City squad is in danger of splitting the game with more stars that may be positive as the Premier League organisers press on to test the remaining number of teams.

Before that, Man City, after a 2-0 win over Newcastle, getting ready to play with Everton at Goodison Park, received news with around five more Covid-19 players after two previous players, Gabriel Jesus and Kyle Walker, got infected.

The source of infection for Man City players was reported from a hotel in London when they arrived at their home against Arsenal (won 4-1) in the League Cup quarter-finals at Emirates Stadium. 

These players, having been positive, are in quarantine for 10 days, but if there are more players sticking to Covid-19, Man City will not be able to play in the next 10 days. 

Not playing in the Premier League, the match will be postponed to another day, regardless of the calendar, but coach Pep Guardiola or Chelsea boss Lampard will have to consider it.

Although in the League Cup, the failure of Man City to play may cause them to be disqualified, as in the case of the Leyton Orient club being excluded in round 3 for the same reason (both Covid-19 team) and give way to Tottenham. 

However, luckily for Man City, since the previous round of the League Cup organisers, there has been a reform in the rule that, from the semi-finals, if there is a disease-related postponement, there will be a “reasonable effort” for Rearrange matches as soon as possible.

However, as the final of this season’s League Cup has already postponed the match date to April 25, Man City also expects to negotiate a rescheduling of the semi-final match with M.U. in case of a delay.

Odds of the match Stoke City between Tottenham, 00h30-24/12/2020

With the gap in status, Tottenham is supposed to have an easy match against Stoke City this year in the quarter-finals of the League Cup. 

Match of details between Stoke City and Tottenham 

The quarter-finals of the 2020/21 British League Cup. 

Time: 00:30 a.m. on 24/12/2020 

Location: Britannia Stadium-Stoke City home turf. 

Stoke already plays in the First Division, but at the moment he’s not doing well. The squad is also not appreciated in the quarter-finals of the English League Cup. 

Comments on Stoke City vs Tottenham 

The handicap given by the house: Tottenham accepts 1 left-handed. 

The house’s chances of fainting are three. 

Predict for the first half: Stoke City 0-2 Tottenham 

Predict the whole game: Stoke City 1-3 Tottenham 

Predict faint: 4 left-over 

Tottenham just had two disappointing Premier League matches this year, leading the team to slip out of the top 1 tournament. However, as far as the consistency of the team is concerned, Tottenham is still much more respected than Stoke City in the quarter-final game of the League Cup. Players at the soccer betting forum trust more in the likelihood that tourists will win the next time they encounter Stoke City.

Statistics on the results of the matches 

Stoke City won 2 victories, 2 draws and 1 defeat in the last 5 matches. The squad scored 3 goals; two goals scored. 

Tottenham has scored 2 victories, 1 draw and 2 loses in the last 5 matches. The squad scored 6 goals; they scored 5 goals. 

Tottenham has dominated the last five games between the two clubs

Comments on the performance of Stoke City 

Stoke City plays in the First Division, despite having competed in the Premier League for many years. In this year’s League Cup, the team secured a decisive victory over Gillingham and beat Aston Villa in the 8th round to help win the quarter-finals. This makes the instructor and coach Michael O’Neill more optimistic in the coming match against Tottenham.

Comment on Tottenham’s performance¬†

After two straight defeats to Liverpool and Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur finished first and finished sixth in the standings. The squad has a lot of drawbacks in the title race; they’ve had a regular experience with good teams lately.